Our Story

Annadan is situated in a prime location within the Lodi Wine Appellation, where the selection of local wineries and vineyards transforms a short time away from home into an escape to a land where life moves slow enough to enjoy and a short time away leaves you restored. Downtown Lodi with incredible dining is a short drive. Uber services are available in this area.

A world away is closer than you ever imagined.

-- Harry Winston

Within walking distance of Oak Farm Vineyards one of the Lodi areas most enjoyable wine tasting experiences Annadan Suites can provide both tranquil escape and a wine tasting adventure. The staff of Oak Farm Vineyards welcomes all Annadan guests with complimentary tasting and a bottle of wine to enjoy at the winery or back at Annadan.


Annadan was created to provide an escape from the ordinary into the peace and calm of the Lodi wine  region. The locally owned and operated property is a work of love, showcasing the welcoming nature of the Lodi area. Your stay at Annadan is sure to be a treasured memory.